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Using UMAI Dry bags to make salumi

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Anyone have any experience using the UMAI dry bags to make salumi rather than their sausage casings?  It seems like if I formed the salumi product thick enough, I could get a really good seal on an UMAI dry steak bag rather than using the sausage casings (I would use the proper cultures etc...).  I would plan to ferment the product in the umai dry bag for the appropriate amount of time before drying.


I have a meat grinder, vacuum sealer and everything I need to make salumi except for a sausage stuffer, which I don't really intend to purchase any time soon.


My ultimate goal is to make some good hard salamis and saisson sec sausage.


Any advice? 



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I don't but how about you just create a seal at a designated width in the dry steak bag? For instance, their largest bag is 50mm for salami which is about 2 inches. Just create a second seal 2 inches away from the edge of your bag and cut out the newly formed 2 in width bag. Then tie and stuff and you would if you were making salami using their 50mm bag. 


Done :)


Let me add, Nepas makes a salami fireball thing that's pretty sweet. He uses a more square bag by the looks of it. Here's his thread.

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Thanks for the tip!  I was also thinking about shaping the sausage meat and tossing it into the freezer for a little bit to harden up some so that it will be easy to put in the bag and finish.

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