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new RF 38" x 60" build = on a budget

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New build, first one.
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Ok after info from a few of you and using new calculator, I have my info to start cutting tank...(not cutting yet)..after I finish up te FB. The firebox did start out as a 90 gal diesel tank from a construction companies generator.  I will have to add the top air inlets after reading more info.  I only had the bottom ones in the side and back  7 total.

And build the grate and platform for it.. and a shallow ash bin.

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Trailer B4 I striped off decking and hitch- then lenghtened 18''.

Well got some work done this weekend= floor on  trailer (was a PO motor cycle trailer)- hubs packed-grate welded up- and on supports.


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Good weekend again. got door cut out,hinges welded on before cut all the way thru. Angle iron added to top to reenforce top and hinges. put out side to save cc space. supports made to keep door from bowing out  on the right side. suppports need to be made for each side using barrel left and right.....I did not do this the  first time . the barrels will not be the same  on each side!! I made both on left side  with out thinking differently. left  was right on--- right was off- bottom right corner stuck out. Once I redid the right one on the barrels right side -this fixed it. I had to tack a few tabs  on the inside of lid opening to hold the door even with the barrel when closed. Once the banding on the door is inplace then the tabs can be removed. The fill cap, fuel gauge,and other openings weree all shaved off, a few were filed in. Have 2 big ones  left to do. Should be able to use the 1.5'' straping from the barrel stand to band the door. The orange angle was from the sme stand that came with barrel. recycling baby

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Well got the RF plate in (used 8 pcs) 3/16'' sloped to the center and bent in middle  to have sloped on all 4 sides. Got the o.s. bottom grate  supports in -4.5'' above RF plate. Drilled center hole in RF plate and bottom of CC to add drain pipe later. Used heavy angle iron just above CC  1/2 moon opening to stiffen CC end wall and be able to weld to FB with out burning thru.




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Looking good and great usage of scrap and loose materials! 

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Looking at your build, looks like the FB/CC opening is a little small.... FWIW, these are the numbers I came up with for the smoker to work properly...

... click on pic to enlarge ...
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I have used mostly all steel from the stands that the fuel barrels sat on for my angle iron. and the FB started out as a fuel tank for a diesel engine at a construction site.




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MY opening for the FB / CC is 10.5'' x 34''.

 CC is 38 x 60''

RF opening at other end is  8'' x 35'

I wil add a plate to cut it down by 35 sq in. as I have 245 sq in for my opeing at CC/ FB

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You can leave the opening as it is.... It looked small.... Too big is just fine...... too small causes the FB to overheat and burn too much fuel..... You will be happy with it oversized.....

Sorry about the confusion.... I looked for your calculations to confirm my suspicions, Before I made my comment.... couldn't find any numbers......

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Thx for checking .  I  checked numbers alot before cutting- hoping to have it right the first  time-- or close enough.......:-)

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Well not a very good Friday for me... Strap broke when lining up cc to fire box. Could of been worse,, have 2 broken bones in hand, see surgeon Monday!!¡ build on hold.. Later
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Hate to hear that.  Get well soon!  

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Hate that for you and hope you heal up soon, get some bone broth and drink it up!

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Hand is healing good- got back in shop this weekend. Got the CC welded to the FB ( no ouch this time).

Have chimney about 1/2 done. Will post pics later.

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Welcome Back.

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Well, camping this weekend, so no work on smoker to be done. BUT I was accused by a coworker of making (chicken fingers ) on the smoker before it was done! her is a pic of what he was talking about. Pinky and pointer fingers - NOT chicken fingers!! LOL



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That had to hurt.

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healing good, back at work with limitations- pins come out June 1st



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Got the chimney welded up and ready to install on top of FB

Had tacked for fit up and then took off to weld in position. Hole in end of CC still needs filled. 

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