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Pork Loin in the Smokin' It #3

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It's been a while since I've posted. Very early Spring here in the PNW has been a motivator for outside projects and garden bed preparations. I've also delved into artisan bread making which is a whole other learning process. Regardless, here is the loin. Broke out the smoker and had a small piece of the dark end of the loin, just enough for the two of us. Often, something that small I'd toss on the grill but a post by Padron Man made me decide on the #3. Just a few hours in Yoshidas Original marinade then left out for an hour to come to ambient temps and into a 225 degree smoker with a big, fat chunk of apple wood. 2.5 hours later it hit 145 IT and I pulled & foiled it for an hour +/- rest while getting dinner caught up. This thing was soooooo tender and juicy I could not believe it. Cut with a fork tender and no sauce required. I can't recall a loin cut being so tender and flavorful. Definitely a go-to method from now on, served with bacon pan fried taters & our first asparagus of the Spring...Willie




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Looks like a mighty fine tasting plate to me, Chef!  Hard to beat smoked pork loin and taters.

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Looks like you were eating well, Chef! Nice meal.



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