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Boudin Boudin

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Awesome looking boudin Mr  B.......... That looks tasty...........:drool

Nice job



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Thanks boykjo (Joe)
Sold out the same day i made them...30 lbs
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Great job, they look fantastic! Thumbs Up

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yeah buddy, I would love to try one of those. Rolled up in a slice of bread. Maybe a little mustard.

 Really nice, happy to see you did add the liver. Have you ever used chicken liver? Love it. CF:drool

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Yes, I tried chicken liver and sometime mixed pork & chick liver together....Great

Try it with a little BBQ Sause or put cheese in it..... Boy oh Boy

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Good post! I love boudin and yours looks like it would really be good. That reminds me. I'll be in Covington, La. next week. I bet I can find some there.

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they are good with some club or ritz crackers....... ohhhhhh boy....

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Mr, B, that sure looks good!      Have ever made smoked boudin?

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MB, Nice looking boudin !

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Nice Looks good



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Looks good from here Mr B!
Boudin is another sausage I've yet to make, but its on the list.
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I love that stuff



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Yes i have smoked some before.....they turned out great.....
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Just saw this. Nice looking boudin. I really hope with a batch that big its good, but I bet it is.


Dang 4 butts thats a load of boudin or one pre-game tailgate at Death Valley


Looks great.

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Bowing to the Baron of Boudin!





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