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Help me pick my birthday present - a new charcoal smoker!

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Gentlemen (and ladies!)


My birthday (and spring along with it!) is fast approaching and my wife has approved funding for a new charcoal smoker. My cheap red electric smoker has been fun, but it is time to upgrade. I prefer to use charcoal for grilling and have been considering a charcoal smoker. I have some experience with the Weber Smokey Mountain and really loved it. I borrowed a friends for a few weeks last summer and it was a blast. So, the question of they day: should I just get a WSM or is there another smoker I ought to be considering?





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Hi Phil...


If you've already used a WSM and liked it, I'd say that's what you ought to buy.  Lots of very happy WSM users on these forums...for the money, they're hard to beat for quality and performance in a charcoal smoker.


Happy Birthday!


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WSM all the way go18.5 or bigger think about how you will lay the food out on it and get the size you think will work best. I usally have to trim whole briskets to fit my 18.5 but am thinking I may cut off part of the rack and let the extra hang off the side. Happy b-day!
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Take a look at a backwoods model. Depending on how many your are cooking for maybe a chubby or a party. You can look at pellet cookers as well. I have a memphis and absolutely love it but they are expensive. I have a few GMG pellet cookers and they are nice.

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I have a Weber Smokey Mt. and Love It!  For the money, in my opinion,  it is the best charcoal smoker out there.


Good luck,  John

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22.5" WSM!!  :first:


I have had mine for 5+ years and it has never let me down once! Super good smoker for the $$

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I bought my WSM off of craigslist for about half of a brand new one and it was only about a year old. Then with the extra money you can build yourself a mini-WSM and you'll be ready for big smokes and everyday smokes...


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Another vote for the WSM here. I use it for low N slow sausage, jerky, bacon smoke, medium heat BBQ, and high heat brisket and poultry. Everything from T-bird to Summer Sausage.
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and yet another vote for a Mini and a 22.5" ... WSM's both of em ...
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