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I got mine at Basspro. Six racks and it works great. Even the meat probe is accurate.
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I had the 40MES 2nd gen with glass door. Which for the record was purchased from Sams club in July of 2014. Had multiple issues in the beginning but MB helped resolve them. 2 weekends ago it bit the dust lost heating element or something. Was about 4 hrs into a butt smoke when temp dropped off & never would recover. I tossed it & sought info from Bearcarver & after reading the post I may take another chance on another MES. I'm going to get one from Bass Pro I think this time but before I do I would like to follow up & see if y'all still feel it's a brand to go back with after all the issues prior units have had??? If the Sportsman is not available will any vouch for the regular model???

If you want to hang onto your smoker a little longer instead of shelling out money for a new MES now, you could call customer service. If they know that your model has been prone to premature heating element failures they'll send you out a new one. You might have to be a little assertive but I've read multiple posts where CS came through for owners who experienced this same problem. If Masterbuilt wants to keep selling smokers, I don't see how they won't make good on replacing a heating element that lasted only one year, regardless of the warranty limitations.

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