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Pamplona Style Chorizo

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Been busy with work and house renovations so haven't had much time for salamis. I lucked into a day for myself and decided to make Pamplona Style Chorizo from Jeffery Wiess's Charcuteria... It interested me as it included beef and pork and my first time using TSP-X culture..


Here they are hanging;



And my Jesus de Lyon project is at 35%....i'll let it go a little longer and I find that 40-45% is the firmness I like.



I'll update the Jesus De Lyon post in a couple of week...and the Chorizo in a couple months

Thx for looking

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Thread Starter's the chorizo @ 35% weight loss...



The pimento is dominant and has a nice smokey flavour. Pretty damn tastey!!


And for an additional's my Spanish Fuet (from Wiess' Charcuteria)


 I really like the simplicity of this one...just a really nice salami on crackers or french bread.

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Wow that looks great! Wish I had the time and space for a dedicated curing chamber!


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Agreed they all look very tasty!
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Thanks sure is nice to have the chamber...I try to fill it up over winter as work gets in the way during the summer.

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