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Looking great! It looks like your smoker has three racks if so try the beans under your brisket next time.drool.gif
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Haha thanks guys. The MES has been great on this one. Been sitting at 225-235 with it set at 235 the whole time.

Danny dinner time will hopefully be around 4....come on over for some Midwest Louisiana hospitality!

B-one, I'll add that into the planning next time thanks.

It's smells very good right outside the back door over here.
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OH MAN!!  It's a 10 hour flight and it's 14:00 here!  Can you send me a sandwich maybe??  :icon_biggrin:  Keep Smokin!


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Looking good!
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Oh Yeah

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More Pics !!



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mmmm,  rum in place of pineapple

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Ok so sorry for the lack of updates. It's tough over the weekend to remember to do this. I've got a few photos of before and after. So here are the details.


I took the flat all the way to 196. I started the poke test around 190. I'm not sure if I took it off a little early or a little late though. The poke test at 196 wasn't like butter as it's been described, but it pretty smooth. I wrapped it in foil and covered it will towels for about 4 hours before slicing. It actually finished in 10.5 hours of cooking at 225 so. The slices were tender but seemed a bit dry. Not running juices at all when slices and only slice juices appearing when the meat was squeezed. There was also a good amount of fat remaining on the flat, so I think I'll trim a bit more off next time. As far as flavor, it was very good. Oddly it could have used more smoked because I think it only got the 1st 2 rows of the AMNPS as far as smoke goes. I'm calling it an overall win for a 1st time around.


As far as the burnt ends that's a sad story. So I took both pieces out of the smoker around 10:30 am and wrapped them up. About 45 later I unwrapped the point, cubed it up, tossed it in a bit of BBQ sauce and in a pan and into a 350 oven. I know it's usually done in the smoker, but I didn't have any disposable pans or another that would fit. I was mixing about every 30 minutes and all way going well. I had to leave to go pick up a spare fridge for our hours and was gone a total of 75 minutes. When I got home, I immediately smelled a burnt aroma and asked the wife if she checked the oven....and she just looked at me. I opened the oven and there they were, a pan of black crisp nuggets. I don't mean tender juicy black crisp nuggets. I mean charred inedible nuggets (believe me a tried!). A sad site indeed.


Ohwell, it was fun and my friends that came over loved everything. The BBQ was really awesome as were the beans along with the brisket. I will be doing another again for sure.


Without further waiting, here some Q-view.




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Rickey My mouth is watering,that looks great. :points:


I just noticed you added your name.It was unfair to add the beans without warning,I'm starving now and I want to eat it.

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Looks very good.

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Nice Job



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looks like it turned out great!


You ready for another one? I am. lol

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Sad to here about the ends, flat looks tasty, leftovers make good hash amongst other things.drool.gif
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Yep, Or good ole chopped



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lurk.gif  Hello rg.  Sorry it didn't turn out as you expected.  MAN!  I am gonna go out on a VERY thin limb here.  I may be struck off here.  IMHO.  Fat = flavor = moisture.  So why would you trim more fat until you slice.  Doggone it I need to get a proper smoker again and post picts!  Soon!  Personally I see no reason why anyone would serve any meat with that much caramelization,  It's just a personal thing..  Is burned meat in my opinion.  HERE WE GO!  I wouldn't want it.  If you are burning it, it is going to dry out.  I think the sugar based rubs are the main reason many folks have problems with brisket. I think the sugar based rubs add a different skill level.  Try it my way once.  Turn that brisket ( quickly ) about once an hour.  So bring on the comments.  Remember different strokes and all.  :icon_biggrin:  Just my worthless opinion.  Keep Smokin!


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Here is what I do;     Get a brisket with the fat cap, then trim it down to about a 1/4 "  salt and pepper for seasoning on a 225 º smoker, (I usually use pecan) use whatever wood flavor you like. I smoke it for about 6 hours then I pull it and wrap it in butcher paper, then back on the smoker till done, usually about another 6 or so hours.


The butcher holds in SOME moisture but will still let it maintain a nice bark



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