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My charcoal box is 12x12x6 tall. The baffle plate is 30x 16 1/2 with 1.5" pieces welded to the ends. It bolts in through the firebox screws.

Mine is not a true convection plate. If you don't go reverse flow then my design will not work. Your plate needs to be much shorter. It either needs a series of holes in it or you need a small baffle plate and some tuning plates. With a large baffle plate like mine the heat and smoke would go under the plate and right out of the exhaust.

Just asking... Why not reverse flow?
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I'm not talented enough to move the stack. I will definitely put holes in the baffle plate not sure if I will cover the whole length of the smoker or just before the stack.
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That was my big hurdle as well. I don't have a torch or welder myself. I cut the hole with an able grinder and here it comes.... I used jb weld to attach the pipe. It fits securely in the hole. I have had my smoker up to about 340 for 45 minutes during seasoning just to test. Held up extremely well. My temps are always well within 10 degrees throughout chamber. Well worth the work, but to each his own. More than one way to smoke a cat
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Have you used it yet, if so how did it do, are the temps even? I was going to make a diffuser plate but if this worked for you I would rather do this, a reverse flow is much better than any offset in my opinion.



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No I haven't got the smoker yet but I'm prepared to modify it when I do.
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I know you are anxious 



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TB did you have any problems with the firebox lid hitting the stack?
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In the position I put it the FB lid does touch it about 2 inches beyond the tipping point so it works great. You need 3 hands but be sure to hold it where you want it. Plumb it and try opening the door.
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Mark it and check it 3 times before you cut the hole. Only got 1 shot at it
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I was just talking to Dave about this because I was thinking about doing the same thing you did do you have any issues with temp control with the stack towards the back like that?
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the 3 numbers are left right and center. It's about as even as you could ever hope for. 170 reading is a setting not a grill temp...
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Nice I think that's the way to go thanks for all the help!
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Originally Posted by totallybasted View Post


Do you find yourself using this every smoke? Do you open it when you are done with the cook and let it drain while smoker is still warm? What size fitting did you have to get, and did you have to thread the drain tube, or just slide it over? 


I just fired my OKJ Highland up today for its seasoning and noticed I'm losing a lot of smoke from the drain tube

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I am thinking about getting a Joe Highland, can you tell me where you got door seals and the red sealant for the firebox, Please.


Thanks Cid

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