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Rack spacing help please

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Getting closer to being done on my fridge build, Im wondering about distance from my heater element to the first food rack.  Im thinking about going about 5 inches in between each rack in case I want to do a lot of ribs.

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Make the racks removable.... space them so you have good air flow... stagger the meat... no problems...
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That is what I plan on doing, just wondering on the height of the first rack

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You have to figure what you will smoking and allow head room for that  ie   Pork Butt, Turkey,  Things that are tall



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Hello.  I have the same question.  I have a fridge to convert.  BUT seems we aren't going to get a an exact measurement.  I know I would not offer an exact measurement here either!  :icon_biggrin:  I will give you my thoughts for what it is worth.  My advice and $3.00 will buy you a cup of coffee in most places.  So you want to add a diffuser plate above your heat source.  Say 6"-8" above the heat source minimum depending on the height of the first cooking rack.  Then judging by my Weber kettle, 12"ish from the diffuser ( the diffuser plate will radiate quite a bit of heat? ) to first rack and then you cook mostly by indirect heat; so maybe more??  Then the first rack which should be for a drip pan.  Say 2"-3" for a foil pan?  So we are looking at 18"-20" minimum above the top of the heat source for your first cooking rack?  These are untried figures I have rolling round in my head.  In other words it's an out right GUESS!  Keep Smokin!


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My fridge is pretty small so Im trying to get as much useable space as possible, so Ive sunk my heater element down into the bottom of my fridge using a 6" deep stainless steel pan, then Im going to use a heat SS heat deflector right at the top and then Im using another SS tray that's 3/4" tall as a secondary heat diffuser/ drip pan.  Im trying to do this right the first time, I wish I had another smoker to look at to go off of but unfortunately I don't. 


The inside of my fridge is 32x23x14 so head room isn't a huge problem just trying to see how close the bottom food rack should be

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