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Pork on a Saturday afternoon

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So I'm running to the store for some im picking out a package I glance over and I say to myself, oh wait a second, is that the pork section?...hmmmm...snows over and no rain or sleet til Sunday....yea, I've got the I wonder over and find a nice 9lb butt...Boston of soon as the kids and wife spot it the questions start...hey what'ch'ya gonna do with that?...well, I took out my mason jar of rub and gave the secret away...into the smoker at 4pm Friday all rubbed down and red to meat on Fridays during lent so it made it that much sweeter to look forward to on to pick up a brand new pup...made it back at 1am...check the smoker...darn that smells to bed and...awake at 7am...add some chips...mouth is watering now...IT is 180...mmmmm getting there...noon time rolls around and we hit 202...good enough for me...pulled it out, wrapped in foil them in towel for 1 hour...unwrapped and it was falling apart...holy cow...I mean pig...pulled and chopped a bit...fresh slaw in nice roll, made for a nice Saturday of eatin.....few pics to enjoy...





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I'd hit that twice!



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That looks real good to me,you can always come up here and get some snow no charge. Pups cute 


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Wow, that's a nice looking hunk of pork! Nice bark-Great job, David. Cute pup, too!

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