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My first ever attempt at true smoking...2 Pork Butts! - Page 2

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nice job, love that bark, with venison I try to wrap bacon around it to cook, adds moisture and flavor

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I gotta say, I'm pretty darned please with how well this turned out! I didn't expect this from my first ever true smoke.

After letting it rest for about 90 minutes, shredding it was so easy. It's very tasty, still very moist, and the bark is incredible! I didn't foil, nor did I wrap it to rest. I did sprinkle finishing sauce and mix it in. Tomorrow I'll add some of the drippings, as I portion it into meal sized vacuum bags. While pulling it, my daughter woke to go to the bathroom. Of course, she wanted to try a bite, then another, then another. Then I made her go back to sleep. Thanks to all of you for your help, my first smoke was a remarkable success!

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Great job, especially on your first!





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Nice, glad it turned out and you got your temp gauge problem solved   Good Job



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They really look great with wonderful bark. If you can't find enough room in the freezer, let us know. I personally have a meat disposal service.
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He wont need thr room in the freezer after he sends out samples



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You're right, Gary. I forgot about the samples.
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Good looking Bark , too . A good Smoke...Thumbs Up

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Beauty!  Great job.

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Thanks all!  It's incredibly tasty!  I was surprised by my final yield too.  I expected to end up with about 10 pounds. Starting with 16 pounds of raw pork, the final yield is 12.4 pounds of heavenly pulled pork!

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Looks like it all turned out nice, love the bark!drool.gif
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