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Bourbon smoked shredded BBQ roast

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I adapted from Jeff's newsletter recipe. 3 pound chuck roasts happened to be on sale at my local grocery. I marinated and injected with the marinade the night before. I used a vacuum sealer to help with the process. I added my own beef rub this morning and cooked for 9 hours at 225. I pulled it out around 200. After pulling it, I mixed in my BBQ sauce and you see the result. Delish.


The funnier part of the process was rigging up an umbrella to cover the electric components while cooking. Two bricks wedging an umbrella seemed to do the trick during our sleet storm in Dallas.



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Looks tasty, nice smoke!
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HR, Looks scrumptious !Thumbs Up

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Nice   Looks great



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That looks great!

That's "it" I'm gonna have to try a chuckie very soon now!!!!

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I'm making this on Sunday now. Any tips?
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It tasted best with a BBQ sauce. Marinating is difficult unless you grind up the rub really well or have a really wide needle. It was my first time pulling. I used two forks opposite of each other and it worked okay. Not sure if that was what you are supposed to do or not. I would use a bourbon that is heartier rather than sweeter. You will get sweetness from adding brown sugar to the rub. 


Good luck... let me know how it goes and how it can be improved!

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Looks good!
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