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A Little More Canadian Bacon

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 Made a brine last Monday morning to get some Canadian bacon going. 19 lbs. of pork loin @ $1.79 lb


6 quarts ice water
4 & 1/2 tablespoons Cure #1
1 & 1/2 cup canning salt
1 cup powdered dextrose
1 2oz. bottle Mapeliene
Injected 10% of the loins dry weight and then let them soak in the fridge all week.


Last night about 8pm I rinsed the loins off, tied them up with some string, and gave them a nice coating of black pepper


I set them in the Pro 100, preheated to 100º with the vents wide open, to dry for two hours. At 11 pm I raised the smoker temp to 115º and put in a pan of moist applewood, then went to bed. Got up at seven the next morning and put in some fresh wood chips and raised the smoker temp to 133º and was good for the next four hours. At 11am I removed the chip pan, closed the vents, and raised the temp to 175º. Five hours later, perfection! Both meat thermometers reading exactly the same, a first, 145º




After sitting on the kitchen counter for a few hours the peppered loins are spending the night in the fridge all huddled up together. I wonder what’s on the breakfast menu tomorrow? RAY

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All I have to say is "What time is breakfast" ?      Nice job     I am pretty sure somewhere it says "you can't have to much CB"   :points:



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Thanks Gary, get here from Tyler and there will be some Eggs Benedict for brekky! I've been a huge fan of the Knorrs Hollandaise sauce for a long time now, I use half and half and squirt in some lemon juice, we just love it. My recovery from hip replacement surgery was the best the doc had ever seen, but I really cleaned out what I'd had saved up in my freezer in one month. I'm back smokin' meat and raising hell in the kitchen, making pizza and ravioli to last a bit. The new left hip feels so great and I was walking a mile and a half a day a month after it was installed. Then, just like the doc said, the right one really started to hurt. I'll fish all summer and have tons of great stuff to eat in my freezer in order to avoid the wife's cooking, then maybe get it replaced when there's baseball playoffs and football to carry me thru. Getting old sucks, but beats hell out of not getting any older. RAY

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Eggs Benedict are my very favorite breakfast.  Getting old is tough. I don't feel old in my mind but the body says different. I had a hip replacement several years ago, starting to have problems with the same hip.Along with a bunch of other stuff.



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