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Oak Wood

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What is the best oak wood to cook with? I have some red oak is that good?

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I use red and white oak. Love the oak flavor.
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Even Scrub Oak is good...

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I just ordered some post oak to try out its supposed to be good.
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Lots of Oak used here in East Texas

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I like a mix of mesquite and hickory but I have to admit that some good oak smoked into my brisket is mighty tasty. I have been using a lot of red oak lately, but I can't tell much difference in taste between red and white oak.
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I have heard bbq places always state what type of oak they use as if it makes a difference, but in my experience all Oak's seem to give the same flavor and burn pretty much the same

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I've seen some that do and some that don't if you ask they should tell you. I know on guy (just a small BBQ place ) that only uses red oak another place uses hickory most of the franchise places use a mix of oak



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