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costco wholesale trim package

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Hi folks,question to the more in the know folks here on the forum ,, seems here in wa,costco has given up on carrying  a whole rib. .now they sell only the  loin,baby back or st louis cut ribs in the crypac .. the outher day I went to the whole sale costco and in the meat cooler was the two  ribs mentioned  but  then i saw another crypac . it is the top and bottom trimming from the st louis trimmed ribs. so i bought one for $10.00 opened up the crypac ,found 4 trim pieces,,the big bone and the top portion of a uncut my brain went to pull pork.not an awful lot of meat but enough for 2 people to get a pulled pork meal. out of one  trim piece .what outher uses could one come up with for this package of pork trimmings thanks

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I buy full racks of ribs and cut them St Louis style. It is real easy to remove the meat from the cartilage. Just stick the tip of a boning knife between the meat and cartilage and cut along the natural line on both sides. You get nice strips of pork. When I accumulate a few pounds, they get marinated and smoked or roasted. 2-3 Hours at 225 makes them tender and juicy. My family likes them made into Char Siu, Chinese Roast Pork. You can eat them as is or slice for addition to a Stir fry. Here is a thread with the recipe...JJ


The meat on the left is the boneless Trim from one rack...



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Noh means noh!!!

I've been using Noh brand char siu marinade for over twenty years...

Great stuff!!!
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I find whole ribs at HEB in Texas as well as the crypac STL ribs. I usually just buy the STLs to save time and fuss.
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