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Pulled Pork - it can even fix cars!

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So I have a 2005 Dodge Caravan and the frame for the back of the drivers seat had a cross member crack. Lucky for me I have a neighbor who is a young (mid 20's) hungry guy that likes BBQ and just so happens to be a welder by trade with his own TIG welder at home. So I offered him a couple of lbs. of pulled pork for some welding on the seat frame - rather than spend $300 on a new drivers seat! :welder:


.... and it gave me an excuse to fire up the WSM and smoke up some pork! :biggrin:


Started with 18.5 lbs. raw, trimmed about 1/2 lb. of fat off and gave it a good rub down:



Set up the WSM with hickory. Home Depot now carries these splits that work great for getting a nice long smoke time without having to constantly add chunks of wood. I buried two in the very bottom and put 4 on top to help hold the lit charcoal in the middle when I dumped it.




Meat went on at midnight, and it was a cold windy night so I wrapped the WSM in it's welding blanket and went to bed.




Checked it at 6:00 AM, and tossed in two more splits. At 10:00 AM they were ready to come off of the smoker - you can see how the bone is ready to just pull right out of there! :xrocker:





Rested them for two hours, then shredded and vacuum sealed in 1 lb. bags. Stared with 18.5 raw weight ended up with just shy of 8 lbs. finished product, and gave three lbs. to my neighbor for the welding job.






Now I just have to figure out how much pulled pork it would take to get a new fence and deck! LOL

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I haven't had breakfast yet and your pic's are causing hunger pains.  Great looking splits from H. Depot.  Wish we had one around here.

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Looks like some tasty pp!
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Great looking pork! What temp were you running your WSM? Also what was your rub? The crust looks perfect, not too light but not an inch of char either. Great smoke!
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JR nice job on the PP, you may have to tell the young man,spread the word foods great.

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Nice Job Looks Great                   :points:



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