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It's getting close. Most spots poke like soft butter except in the very center area.
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Going to eat the brisket
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Ok that leads me to my next question, do you rest it in a cooler for a couple hours? I ask because I'm doing my first brisket today, it's a little 3lb flat and I'm at the same stage as you, mine is at 199 IT
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Waiting to see some money shots!!yahoo.gif
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All done and resting. Pulled brisket at 5:10 with IT 203 and butts at 5:20 with IT 190. Everything is resting in the cooler.

Butts have shot up to 194 in about 10 minutes resting.

The smoked potatoes only took 2.5 hours and was expecting 4. The wife said they are awesome.
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Now I'm waiting to drool over your sliced brisket pics. Just put mine in the cooler as well.
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You might want to rest those butts quite a while in there. I don't find they get done until 205. Brisket should be fine. In fact I would put those butts in the oven for a while to 205 and then rest in the cooler. Hate to get this close and just miss. Happy smoking. timber

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Timberjet, I have done probably 20 butts in last year. The first few I took to 200-205 and they were to dry for me. Even 195 seems a little to dry so I pull at 190-192 and let rest until temp comes down to 160ish. So Far this has worked very well for me.
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Brisket is little dry on the flat tip but overall best brisket I have done. Thanks for the help guys! My wife is tough to make happy with smoked food and she loves it.


Time to pull pork and go play in snow
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Holy cow that's a SMOKE RING!!!drool.gif:drool:points:
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Looks awesome! Well done. Glad I tagged along for the ride.
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Nice smoke ring looks good, sorry it was a little dry



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Just the flat Gary the rest was nice and juicy plus it pulled apart with the slightest tug. Pork is pulled and very good.
My daughter helped pull.
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It all looks very tasty   Grate job,   Help looks top notch      :points:



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That's some great looking PP!points1.png
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Thank you guys! I am very pleased with todays cook.

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holy cow that smoke ring!!


looks good

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