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first time pork spareribs in the cedar smokehouse

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Had some spareribs on sale so I decided to take a whack at smoking up a few for dinner last night. I did an overnight marinade brine concocted of all sorts of goods and followed the 321 method of smoking. Used a blend of hickory,mesquite and alder for smoke n ran temp between 225-250. Here are some process pictures and I must say, pretty damned taste they were.

Getting ready to rinse and dry



Gotta have a money shot when your smokehouse looks that sexy ;) 

Just going on...

3 hours in made the tin boat n soaked em in apple juice with a splash of whiskey

5 hours in back on for a touch more smoke

they were going fast but managed a picture

look at that savory flavor

fall off the bone melt in your mouth delicious 😋 

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Suds........those look like CSR's........and very delicious. Mind giving out the recipe for the meat bath?



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SS, they look awesome !

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You are correct bk. They were country style ribs... package said spareribs but my old man corrected me. As for the recipe,it was a mix n match. I'd have to go through the spice rack and fridge and cupboards to get a general idea of the concoction lol. They turned out though. I come from a long line of smokers but I'm fairly new to it. Done lots of salmon, a turkey, pork chops, new York steak n these ribs. Ain't even broke the old girl in yet! I'll see if I can duplicate the recipe so I can share. Happy smokin!
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Enjoyed the pictures and the "blow by blow".  The CSR's look great!


Did I miss a thread about your smoke house?

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Nice looking CSR's  Beautiful Color   Congrats on a great smoke   :points:




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Tasty lookin CSRs...Nicely done!  





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