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Mods, please delete if this is outside the rules...


I am raising funds for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society - the Big Climb in Seattle.  69 floors of the Columbia Tower.  Whew!


My dear friend Jane T died of leukemia last year.  I'm am raising funds and climbing that big tall building in her honor.


Would you like to donate?  Anything helps - $10?  $20?  $5?  Please click the link and give what you can.


I am also donating my time and smoker to two fundraisers for this effort - both at local craft breweries in the Seattle area.


Are you in Seattle and want to attend?  PM me and I'll get you more info.


The deadline for donations is March 20th.  Please help if you can.


This is a great forum for smoking meat and I have learned a ton.  I hope a few (all) of you can donate a few bucks to this worthy cause.



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I would really appreciate any support you can offer on this.



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explain the 69 floors....?


you gotta climb em?


does it add to the number of floors you gotta do the more we donate?

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Here is a link that describes the fundraiser -



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