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Hi.  OH MAN!  The Gaunlet has been thrown down so to speak.  :duel:  Fat up or down?  Next will be soak the chips or not??  No disrespect meant but "my beef consultant"?  So you keep this person on retainer like a lawyer??  I'm sorry this sounds confrontational; I don't mean it that way but c'mon.  Just how many briskets has your DR. smoked over the last 40 years??  I tend to find fact and figures men have VERY little practical experience.  Book learning!  I am pretty sure between us gary s and I have about 80 years experience.  NOT to mention oldschoolbbq.  Another Tx. born and bred smoker with YEARS of experience.  We learned "old school".  We learned from watching the old men.  No therms back then.  You had to "feel" the heat from the smoker. and then judge when the brisket was ready to be pulled off the smoker.  Some folks try to dismiss the method now as "magic, vodoo, or we just don't know what we are talking about".  How do you think the old timers cooked a brisket?  Do we assume all their briskets from 100 years ago were inedible?  I think not.  Salt and pepper.  DONE!


Having spouted my opinions; I always recommend new smokers get a good dual probe therm and use it!


ALSO!  Just my way but I turn my brisket about every hour.  Keep Smokin!


True that. I'm fairly new at this so I read a lot and do a lot of trial and error. Like most people don't inject to eat at home, but most do for competition...I've only made about 8 briskets (started smoking 12/2014) and I've injected 2 of them. One I used the FoodSaver marinator (the best one yet actually). Today I'm using one that marinated overnight, is not ready yet so I can't comment on that one. Most have been fat side up, today's was fat side down.


I do like though and yes I'm a nerd so it goes well with me. Every brisket has been seasoned with a different rub, except today's because the last rub I used was too good. I tried the salt/pepper rub on it and I did not enjoy it that much.


Having lived in Texas for a few years I made it a point to try as many BBQ joints as possible and now I'm trying to get to my favorite one (Old Time BBQ in San Angelo, TX which burned down :th_crybaby2:).


Having said all that, I read, apply, eliminate what doesn't work and keep what does. And I do find the page very useful. But nothing goes against experience, and that's why I read this forum! So thank you gary s and Danny for sharing all your info with us.

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the resting? I don't know if those guys have a cold spot in there smoker that they rest them in, but I have personally seen J Mueller pull briskets right out of his smoker and cut them, matter of fact, last time I was at his place when I got to the window I asked for 2lb moist, he went straight out to the smoker and pulled a brisket, separated and cut me some point right at the window (he cuts all the meat right at the window). But he is not the only one I have seen pull briskets right out of the smoker.. Maybe they do have a cold spot in those big smokers..

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Best advice I can give is; Do what works for you, my 40 + years I have settled on what my family, friends and I like, Not to say I never try something new or change something every once in a while, I do. But as a rule I stick with what I usually do. I like fat up, some say fat down, you do both and decide. I don't inject, some do try it both ways and make up your mind.. I Never tell anyone my way is the right way, Just what works for me. If I were you try as many different ways, seasonings, cooking temps as you can and you be the judge, I have friends who cook hot and fast and turn out great Q, Some sauce some don't  all up to you..   Have fun, don't over think it and enjoy some great Q



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Hello.  Gotta TOTALLY agree with my friend gary s..  gary knows I cook my briskets at higher temps than he does so no 1 "correct" way to cook a brisket.  As he stated, experiment.  Brine, rub, inject, fat side where ever.  Find what works for you.  Find the taste you and family like and the method which turns out right every time and stick with it.  Then for you; THAT is the "correct" way to smoke a brisket, no matter what others do.  Just my thoughts.  Above all HAVE FUN!  Keep Smokin!


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