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Pork Prices are going up!

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Any excuse is a good one, right?


Why didn't India have a cow flu?



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:a29:Glad I stocked up before this horrible news! At least Hormel's stock can rise from all the overpriced SPAM!a29.gif
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And they just started to come back down.  Pork butt was $3.99 a pound around here at Christmas, even at Sam's Club.  It was crazy.  They have it Kroger this week for $1.49

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I don't think that will effect US prices unless it hits the US farms, we don't import that much if any from India.

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I thought they were up already?
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Originally Posted by atomicsmoke View Post

I thought they were up already?


We've got pork butt for .99 cents a lb for the 2nd week in a row between 2 stores over here in Chicago! 

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Lucky duck. Might have to sit down and do the math for a drive south of the border (1.5h). Later on when I make room in the freezer.
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I stocked up last week and have 12 lbs in the freezer, but I have a feeling I might go get more just because it's so cheap.

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First, I know its India but any excuse for them to rasie prices. I mean an OPEC Minister sneezes after supper and the oil prices go up.


Changing from pork to poultry. The price of chickens increased 20% here today. AGAIN! I am starting to loss my sense of humor about the grocery pricing. Problem is all the weenies who use don't care. "Well We have got to have it"  No beef this week, doesn't hurt you, but the beef industry would take notice.


RAWR!!! I have actually decided to get the chicken yard clean and back in shape this year....Yuck! Its been so nice not to screw with it.

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