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Cajun Ribeye

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Last Night's Dinner:


Dusted the steak with some Tony Chachere's Seasoning & put back in the fridge for 6 hours



Sparked up the Smokey Joe and smoked it (indirect) with Apple & Oak for twenty minutes.

Basted it with Creole butter & grilled it off for two minutes on each side for a perfect medium rare.



 My girlfriend loved it, which is not all surprising because Ribeye steak is her favorite!

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Ok come on, no money shot of the mid rare?!?!

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Looks good! And I'm not even a fan of ribeye's.
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B, looks great!

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Oh yeah, looks incredible!



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Nice rib eye...............:drool

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I don't blame you for no cut shot. That is just cutting into grubfest time. I love ribeye and can put down a couple like that easy. Yummmm.....

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Originally Posted by rgautheir20420 View Post

Ok come on, no money shot of the mid rare?!?!

As funny as it sounds, after taking the second picture I thought I better put the camera away before I get grease all over it :icon_smile:
Thanks for the comments everyone!
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I love Ribeye    Great job  Tasty !!



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