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Secon brisket with qview

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I had my mom and her boyfriend over to my house for dinner for her birthday. I asked her what she wanted and she said surprise me so I decided on smoking a brisket and beans.
I trimmed up a 8lbs full packer Friday morning and rubbed it down with my favourite rub. Then when I got home from work at midnight I lit the wsm and put the brisket on at about 1 am cooking at 250.
After that was on I decided on making up starting the beans so I could just throw them on when I woke up in the morning. I fried up some bacon, onions, garlic and green peppers. Mixed them with a can on kidney, navy, black, and Heinz pork and beans. I also added some ketchup, bullseye bbq sauce, maple syrup and smoked pork tenderloin I had in the freezer. I set it all in the fridge till morning.
I had the maverick hooked up and went to sleep. I woke up a few times to check the temp of the wsm was up at about 270 most of the night but it was -25*c out there and didn't feel like going out to adjust the vents because well I was warm in bed and that's effin cold lol.
I woke up at 9 and and the brisket was in it's stall at 171*. I went out side flipped it and put the beans in underneath it.

I Stirred the beans once around 11 and the brisket was at about 180*. At 1230 the brisket was at about 195* so I checked with a toothpick. Real tender through most of it but still one part of the flat was kinda tougher so in it goes again for another half hour. Next time I checked the toothpick went in like butter everywhere so off it came. I left the beans in for a bit longer though. Brisket got double wrapped in foil wrapped in a towel and into a cooler.

beans came off at about 230

I seperate the point and flat around 430 to try and make some burnt ends but the poind kinda just fell apart so pulled it is lol. Mixed it up with some sauce and threw it back on the smoker till supper at 530. Sorry no pics of that. had to do it fast cause there was lots of hands in there stealing it and I wanted some left for supper lol.
Hers is the rest unwrapped and sliced up a bit

And here is a finished plate. A slice, some pulled, beans, baked tater I did on the grill as well as some grilled asparagus.

It all turned out real well. Next time I think I will trim the brisket a bit more then I did. There was still quite a bit of fat on it. But I'm the only one who had any complaints. I'm always my own biggest critic lol
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Looks great, good job



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That looks like a first class dinner Red Beard.  Well done sir.

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Yum. Looks great.
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:drool:Awesome , job well done !

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Looks real good, nice smoke ! icon14.gif
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Thanks everyone it definetly is cementing brisket as one of my favourites. With all the help and posts on this site my smoking has gotten much better.
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Looks awesome! I'm sure she was pleased
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Tasty looking meal weep done!
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Just thinking, if that was the second Brisket, recon what #3 will look like    Wow and #4  Can't wait



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Looks like you nailed it, my mouth is watering!

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That's a great looking meal! You've gotta be real proud of that. Everything looks delicious-good job! Thanks for sharing your smoke with everyone. David.

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