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Boudin Bomb!

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First Post here... hope this is the right spot for this... anyway... I made up about 20lbs of boudin last week before stepping out the door for points west... took some'ah what I had put up in the freezer to slather on the pork lion you see here..



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T, Good looking tenderloin!

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Great butterflying!
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Looks tasty, but where's the sliced pics man!

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I see your out there in the Motherland..... Just sent a friend of mine some lacquered bacon pralines.. they're just to the west of ya over in Livingston. Hey,.. in the event you don't know about the place.. jus keep runnin 190 west to Krotz Springs for some'ah the best smoked boudin I've had in a minute!.. its the little specialty meat/grocery there on the left as you cross the bridge into town...

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