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Pork shoulder. How much chips.

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Smoking a 9lbs picnic ham today. ( one of my personal favorites ) I usualy use my offset stick burner but I've been trying my luck with a masterbuilt electric 30. I was hoping some of you that have been using these smokers longer than I could give me some pointers on how often you add wood chips.
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If you are using the little chip loader, it is pretty common to have to reload it about every 30-45 minutes for as long as you want to keep adding smoke.  Yes, this can become pretty tedious, which is why so many MES owners buy and use Todd's AMNPS in their rigs...they make perfect smoke for hours without needing babysitting.


Good luck and please post qview!  Thumbs Up



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I 100% agree with what Red said above. Remember to post a Qview.

Happy smoken.


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Yep, sounds like a better plan    



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9hrs in. IT of 158. Haven't seen it since 6am but it smells great.
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How are you getting wood in there?

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