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Thanks guys, I put on a shoulder at 4:45 am this morning. Smoker is at 225° and IT is currently 140°. Going to let it go without foiling and spray with cider vinegar and Captain Morgan. Then spray my mouth with Captain Morgan and coke.
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Looks good!

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Some good pics in this thread!


Just out of curiosity, how much do you guys usually pay for Pork butt per lb?


I guess it just depends on where you live but the price the that the original poster seemed high for a sale price.  I got some last weekend for $1.38 per lb from Sam's club.  They package 2 butts together and it was only about $24 for the pack.

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Looks like a good smoke to me War Eagle.


I am in the no foil while cooking camp as well.  After a good number of butts under my belt I assume 2 hours per pound for Boston Butt.  (If it finishes early it will do fine resting for quite a while.  Several hours is not a problem as far as I am concerned). 


The bone is a built in "doneness" tester.  When you can easily pull it with a little twisting, and it comes out clean, your done.

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My local grocery will try to  get 4 something a pound, a shoulder price tag of over $30.00.  If you wait it out, I'm in there almost every day, they will be dramatically reduced!  They have me hooked as soon as the price is below $1.25.  I can't get over the amount of pulled pork perfection for such a low price.  


After over a year of attempts, Jeffs rub has made a pulled pork lover of my better half.  


Smoke on!



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We just had a incredible sale on pork butts here in Georgia at food depot $.96 a pound !! Bought 4 and gave them a tan on the lang !! Happy smokin
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