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Jerk Chicken Sausage

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Well, had a hankering for jerk chicken a while back, which led to the idea of a jerk chicken sausage, and thought I may have stumbled onto something new. However, a quick google search revealed the LP had already beat me to the recipe(although his is pork). So I adapted for 3 lbs of extra lean ground chicken from his recipe as well as adding about 1/4 cup water and 3% skim milk powder to help keep them juicy.


Didn't bother with the mix/spice pics, but here we are all linked up in collagen cases

a little poach...

Then browned up

Served with some Jamaican rice and peas...

and a slice shot, still nice and juicy..


End notes. Made a mistake with my peppers, pulled out a sweet/heat pepper variety that looks like a habanero. Sad about the general lack of heat. I felt all of the spices could have been stronger, but overall a good starting recipe.



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CDN, Nice idea with the sausage ,it looks very good !

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Nice looking sausage. I bet it was tasty! I need to do some chicken sausages. Did you grind your own chicken or was it store bought?
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It was preground at the store and on sale. listed as extra lean.

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Fine looking sausage!

Happy smoken.


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Them look good, nice job 



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Nice job!!!  We have 90% ground turkey on sale this week in 3 pound tubes.  Going to get a few and make somekind of turkey sausage.  Yours look great.  Reinhard

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Great looking sausage. Thanks for the idea.



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