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Burn out

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Hi All Would this drum need a brun out?

Thanks Dan

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Oh man. That brown liner in there is really really hard to remove. Just FYI. Now that said it has been done many times. All drums even new and clean need burned out. With that drum you will need to burn it out several times and then grind out the liner and then burn it again. Seriously not trying to rain on your parade but just wanted to warn you about these.... food grade... drums.

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It would be better if you could find an unlined barrel. It really does not matter what was in it. You are taking down to bare metal and seasoning it anyway. Feed stores are a good place to look. I never pay for drums. If you keep an eye out you will find a good one.

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Hi I was thinking the same thing..Too good to be true, great price, and soo close for pick up. What exactly is problem with lined drums. Going ask "IF: he has any unlined ones.

Many thanks Dan

PS Neighbors here won't appreciate a  burn out.

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Whatever they use for the material in that liner is just very very hard to remove. You have to remove it. It will burn in there and your food will taste like chemicals.

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Hi Dan.  timberjet is absolutely correct.  I guess the problem with food safe lining is we don't know what the lining is and how it reacts to heat.  So best to remove it.  So there is were the trouble starts.  That lining is a bit** to get out!  They put that lining in to stay!  Don't know exactly what that stuff is but it is TUFF!  We are probably talking burn, wire wheel on grinder; rinse and repeat!  Wish I had it as undercoating on my truck.  Keep Smokin!


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