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smoke sausage

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Good Morning All

I am about to try to make some smoked sausages for the first time and I am reading all kinds of stuff about cures and if they need to be used or not. I am planning to make about 5 lbs of sausage and smoke them at 225 as soon as they are stuffed. Can they be frozen and cooked later? I will be using a Smoke Hollow PS4400. Any info would be appreciated, or any books that you think would be helpful. Thanks in advance,


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More info and recipe would be great also if you are smoking that low yes you will need a cure, Let us know how you do and remember we love pics here at SMF


Good luck


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Not even sure what recipe I am going to use yet. Still trying to find one. But I will definitely post pics when I get them done. Will use a cure then. Thanks.
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No problem, if you have a flavor in mind just type it in the search bar above and you should get something


Good luck, cant wait to see what you find



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I have a smoke hollow PS4400 propane smoker.  When you smoke sausage do you put water in the water pan or run it dry?



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