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are there any south coast ( Oregon) fishermen on the site

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When I retired I moved to Winchester Bay, Oregon. A small area with a marina and the Umpqua river running out to the ocean. what a great place to live and fish.

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Used to be a fisherman out of Depoe Bay. Our families original Charter boat came from Windy Bay. Now I'm on the other side of the hills in the high desert.
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Where did you retire from?   In about 5 years, when my wife retires, we are considering moving somewhere along the coast, either northern Calif or mid Oregon coast.  She like Lincoln City for some reason.  Winchester Bay?   Hmmmmm.   Is there a lot of Salmon action there?

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Back in the 70's and early 80's Winchester Bay was The Salmon Port of Oregon. Got squashed by the fishing policies imposed by the government. Still a good fishery. Not sure what the charter industry is like anymore. My uncle bought his first boat from there when things hit rock bottom.

Lincoln City is okay as long as you don't have to drive anywhere. The traffic in that town sucks! We enjoy Depoe Bay, and as of recent Pacific City. Get your wife to go out salmon fishing on one of the PC Dories launched off the beach, good times!
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I worked for the govt. for 28 years had a small stroke, my old doctor would not let me go back to running heavy equipment so I retired about 12 years early.. ain't life great. If you are a fisherman there are many places here on the coast to pick from, if you like to fish for one type of fish check out the areas some places have a lot of structure for bottom fishing other areas have better salmon runs the list goes on and on. I mostly fish the ocean bottoms, salmon and tuna. all I can say is do your home work. The south coast is warmer than the north coast.
have a great weekend.

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Living in Crescent City during my high school (class of '69) and college years, I was pretty familiar with the Southern Oregon coast but that was too many years ago.  Use to run up to Brookings for beer.  Who knows,  maybe we'll make a couple trips up there this coming spring/summer to check things out.

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