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Just saw this myself, I hope everything is going well for your family

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How is your Cousins son  Doing ?



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Hope all turns out well! Prayers said in church yesterday.

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Prayers sent for the family and a few extra for the boy.

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Just saw this, I hope it turned out Ok.

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Prayers sent their way and more the the boy, Hope all tests turn up fine. and a speedy recovery.
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I will keep them all in my prayers hope everyone recovers ok

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First off, I'd like to say a Big Thank You to the SMF fam.... You all are awesome ! The thoughts & prayers are very much appreciated.

Just thought I'd update, the 13 yr old is still in the hospital but they brought him out of a medically induced coma ! They didn't want him to make any injuries worse but the swelling has went down. He has a bunch of small things they are treating.... But the biggest worries were the punctured lung, lacerated liver & bleeding on the brain.... The injuries all seem to be healing after some surgeries & they were even able to take the tube in his head out.

That's the extent of what I know, but thought I'd let you all know as well....

Thanks again all !
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 Your family is in my prayers and thoughts - Ed

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Prayers sent. 

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Prayers sent. Sorry I missed this. I have a boy around the same age. Gonna give him an extra hug in the morning.
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Prayers still coming Justin
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Justin Thanks for the progress report, and Thank God praying still

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Hey Justin, More prayers headed his way. I am glad he is better




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Prayers sent for the family.
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More prayers sent from Macungie!!




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I will no doubt keep him in my prayers

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Prayers and best wishes from here in Florida. Glad to hear he's doing better. David.

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