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Hello Mike.  That's the way it starts with the "pusher".  You give out free samples and when you get the "junkie" hooked you bring out the hard stuff.  icon_biggrin.gif   Keep Smokin!

Lmao! Saltines also :)
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Saltines!!!!  SHAME ON YOU!!!!  OK!! So I am your junkie!  So do you require JUST my first born or my first and second born???  I can throw in an arm and a leg and at least 1 kidney!  :icon_biggrin:  Keep Smokin!


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Make sure the back of your truck has room for all these can when you come down :)
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HEY! No problem Mike.  I can strap Annette down on the roof if more room is needed.  Heavy coat and maybe a tarp to wrap around in case of rain, she'll be fine!  :icon_lol:


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It's nice to see that you have the priorities right !

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AH!  smokewood.  Apparently you have now been put on her LIST!  th_dunno-1[1].gif  She will see you in July!


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Not  "the list" I suppose it depends on which particular list it is!!

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