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Need HELP-Southcoast of MA

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I live south of Boston and could use some advice on how to find my smoker!! I was planning on doing some smoking this weekend but I cannot seem to locate my smoker due to the 6 FEET(not including the drifts) of snow in my yard. I thought I knew where it was but it all looks the same now- white and more white. I'm going to borrow a friends metal detector and give that a shot102.gif. Only other thing I can think of is if anybody has a dog trained to sniff out Q please let me know.unsure.gif

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[IMG]It's out there somewhere??
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I would bet any dog could find it. Can you borrow one from the neighbors? By the way wow! Metal detector? I once had 10 feet come down in 4 days when I lived in Idaho. The snowblower and the shovel and lots and lots of schnapps. It was pretty cool though with the 20 foot walls and tunnels going to and from the smoker, BBQ etc...I wore out a 7 horse John Deere snowblower that winter. Oh the memories. 

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My Golden Retriever swim's around but hasn't hit on it yet. By the way,that's the top of a 6foot chain link fence in the pictures!!
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Has anyone ever carved a cold smoker out of a snowbank?

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Carving it out is the easy part, finding it is another matter! I'm going to take a GPS reading next time I move it!! I also lost a Toyota out there too but finding the smoker is priority. Sometimes having too much land to put stuff can be a problem when you have CRS.
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