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something to smoke

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looking for something new to smoke, tired of chicken, ribs, pork loin, and butts. HELP



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Here's a couple ideas.  Smoked Bread,Crackers and Snacks,   New to smoking or have a new smoker? -- "How to optimize your smoke".


Have fun,



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I know it is kind of like pork butt but chuck roast is great smoked. Meatloaf is killer smoked, Meatballs, ABT's can be made about a million ways. You can do potato's many different ways on the smoker too. I will add more when it comes to mind.

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Check out Squibbs posts. He has a variety of strange and wonderful Ideas that he has documented in great detail on this site. I look to his posts when I get bored with everything and can't think of anything new to try.

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where do i find Squibbs post?


post #6 of 8 Just check out all the threads he has started and all the neat things he has done with all the great pictures and stuff. Pretty amazing.

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Do a search on different ways to smoke fatties...they'll give you a new outlook on life! biggrin.gif


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