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vocabulary and diction

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Sorry to bother anyone and all but.....what exactly are the "pork trimmings" referred to in some recipes? To me it means the trimmed scraps from breaking down a hog, all the silver skin, fat and pieces of small lean.
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IMO... like when you trim a pork belly for bacon.... it's all the meat and fat.... I use it for Char Sui.... Chinese BBQ pork...
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Dave has a good example of pork trimmings.  Trimmings in general are the pieces of pork that you have in excess, not used in a meal.  For example, some trim the fat cap from a pork butt and save that.  I sometimes take some meat off the brisket of a spare rib and that can be called trim.  Heck you can even buy pork trimmings like boneless picnic meat for sausage.  You have a example of trimmings from a hog that will be used for sausage.  Same can be said for beef.  Beef trimmings are often used for ground beef [and sausage].  Reinhard

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If it were a snake it would of bit me.
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