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Hi Stan, welcome back. You could say you kept it "Low and Slow" !

Smokin Monkey 🇬🇧
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Glad to hear you made it through a tough ordeal, Stan...welcome back! Looking forward to seeing you smoke something soon...

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Sorry to hear about that, welcome back, Bonz

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Great to have you back Stan.
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Welcome back and really hate to hear you had to go through with all of that, best wishes for an amazing spring and summer and beyond!

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Jesus Wept Stan. That was quite an ordeal you went through. Sure glad you came out the winner!!!! Missed you.

Never heard of Travers Syndrome. What is it?

My mom had a colostomy at age 72. Didn't take her long to get used to it.

Only one thing to remember though. That new fitting they installed on your belly looks ready made to accept a mailbox mod--DON't DO IT. LOL.

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Glad your better Stan. I bet you are too. Looks like someone was looking out for us here at SMF...... Glad to have ya back



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Dang, Stan!

I've just got back on the SMF after an absence of more than a year and learned of your problems when I did a search for "oldschoolbbq" only to find your post. I'm delighted that you made it through OK and that you are back amongst family and friends.

If it makes you feel any better, Temple, TX, is still going strong. They've started work on the part of I35 that goes through town and had to tear down the old Wilsonart plant. The construction has been ongoing for at least 2 years and is 3 or more years from completion. By the time they get it done it will be inadequate for the traffic load.

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Stan, I'm glad that you are feeling better and on the road to a full recovery. I'm new here, but have seen many of your posts. Good luck and prayers for you, Joe
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Glad you are back.  I've reached that point in my life where I am much more appreciative for good health.  When I hear stories like this I'm always amazed at the strength so many have when facing adversity.  So kudos to you and your family for finding that strength to kick this thing in the butt.

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