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I'm Baaaccckkk!!!!!!

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Well , this is the first time I've posted since I died and come back - :confused:. But no Q-View here... :frown:


Back on Christmas Eve , I was rushed to the E.R. with a rare Syndrome called "Travers" Syndrome.  I was Life Supported to the Toledo Hosp. where I received Plastic Surgery of my Privates , and a Colostomy in my Belly ... that's gonna be fun :icon_eek:


So , from 12-24-15 to 1-3-15 , I was for all than other , dead... intubated , on a Ventolator , feeding through a tube in my nose , and  hooked to all


sorts of other machines . I was given 25% chance of Smoking Meat again... :icon_cry:.


After re-learning to walk and use my muscles again , I finally made it back home. :sausage:.


 Anyhow , good to be here with all my Brothers and Sisters , and will be back in the TBS as soon as I can.


Ya'll have fun and as always . . .

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Sorry for the bad luck and glad your better.

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Stark reminder of the fragility of our existence. Glad you are back. Take care of yourself.
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Good to hear from you and welcome back!!

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Welcome BACK Stan !!!!! From where ever you were.... Did you see lights and talk to relatives... I have a buddy that did that.....
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I'm sure a big brisket is right around the corner. I'm glad you are on the mend.

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Wow! Good to have ya back Stan! We've been saving some smokes for you! Get back in shape so you can use your new smoke shack you built!
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Stan Welcome back, stay inside til it warms up.

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Welcome back!!! Hope you get the fire up that stick burning behemoth soon...
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Wow that is scary! Welcome back to the land of the living. I know they don't serve pulled pork in hospitals so hope you can get back to smoking soon. Take care.

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Good to see you here again!! You can have a few days to get situated, but then we wanna see you back in action!
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Welcome back.

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Glad to hear you made it! Welcome back!yahoo.gif
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Hey Stan, I'm glad your back, and hope you continue to get better and better.  Did that just hit you all at once? and what caused it ?   Wow !




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NCope , didn't see any lights or talk to anyone , it was just dark and cold.....:icon_eek:

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Stan, I hope you are creating TBS soon ,it's medicinal !

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Welcome back Stan. Glad your back.

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Glad to have you back, Stan!!


Missed the Hell out of you!!


Sounds like you won this round !!


Keep it up----Prayers on the way!!




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Originally Posted by oldschoolbbq View Post

NCope , didn't see any lights or talk to anyone , it was just dark and cold.....:icon_eek:

Cold is probably a good sign.  Now if it was hot and fiery..........not so good.  Welcome back.  I'm Shag and good to meet ya. 

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Alrighty Stan... Welcome back FROM the future ... glad your ok and we missed ya ...

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