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Smoked Ribeye Roast in the SI#4

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My first cook in the Smokin-It #4.  7.7# Ribeye roast bought a while back for $4.99 a pound.

covered in worchestershire sauce
sprinkled all over with Montreal Steak Seasoning

Sprinkled all over with garlic powder
let it sit overnight in the garage since I did not have room in fridge and it got below zero outside tonight.

put in smoker at 11:30am during lunch break from work
foiled the cover of the smoke box and the floor of the #4
put about 5-6 chunks of hickory from the bag of hickory at walmart
plugged the unit in at set the temp a hair below 225 degrees
went back to work
called the wife to put in potatoes and egg into smoker because I forgot
got home at 4:10pm
cleaned the maverick probes and put one probe in the cabinet and one probe in the ribeye roast

Time     Cabinet Temp     Meat Temp
4:20     162                    129
4:21     176                    129
4:22     198                    129
4:24     208                    131
4:31     216                    133
4:34     210                    133
4:37     208                    133
4:42     217                    135

Pulled the meat and wrapped in foil to await company for dinner.  Tonights dinner was inspired by the Bear ;)

Thanks for looking!


It was cold outside today!  This is not how Tennessee should be like...  By the way, the smoker is under that black cover.  I bought it this past saturday and only had a chance to do the initial break in before the storm came down on us and said NO to any further smoking lest I expose the nice stainless steel cabinet to the elements.


coated the ribeye in worchestershire, montreal steak seasoning, and garlic powder


The first peace of meat ever in my Smokin-It #4!  7.7 pounds of meat does not look like much in that gigantic cabinet.


Close up of the meat before smoking



I forgot to put the eggs and potatoes in so I called my wife had had her do it.  This is what I came home to.  I then put the maverick probes in the cabinet and in the meat.


Right after I brought it inside the house from the smoker


another view of the ribeye at 135 degrees


smoked egg peeled and ready to eat!


super yummy


sliced it open, perfecto!


another view of tonights dinner.  With 7 people including 3 kids eating tonight, the meal came to about $200 per person, not including the meat!


Thank you for looking


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Very nice looking prime rib you served, I would have loved to have a seat at your table!
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That looks great. Was that a boneless roast?

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Originally Posted by bmaddox View Post

That looks great. Was that a boneless roast?

Yep that was a boneless ribeye roast.  I bought it on sale a couple Christmases past but sealed it up good in the freezer.  Still tasted awesome.

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Very Nice !  The one thing you could do next time to make it perfect ---------------------- Invite Me !!!        Great job  :points:




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