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Food for thought

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So an Uncle of mine that is in construction had a funny/interesting question. 


Has anyone on here ever seen one of these used on a stack to help with draw?  They are used to vent attic spaces and draw out hot air.


Image result for roof vent



Thought it might be worth asking since he did.  Who knows......

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I was under the impression those vents were wind driven, but I suppose heat rising could turn them and increase the draw.  Problem is how to control it, the hotter it gets the more air it pulls, the more air it pulls the hotter the fire.  I think it's good for the attic but probably not for controlling temps on a smoker.

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I actually had the same thought.  If this thing did start to draw there wouldn't be anyway to control it.  Like you said more draw means more air, more air means more wood. You would feeding a fire eating beast before it was all said and done.


I just thought it was an interesting question and I wanted some other thoughts on it.

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