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After two hours I have had get as hot at 260, & as low as 200 but mostly in the 220-240 range. I really surprises me how small you must make the openings in the dampers. 


Here's the 2 hour pic.


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Man that looks good,  Great color



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I thing I forgot to mention is the rub I'm using. It's just Head Country seasoning. I was going to make my own rub but when I looked in the cabinet  & saw the Head Country I decided to use it. I wish I could have let it set longer though.

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After 13 hours.


It's wrapped & in the cooler. 


It's very juicy! The bad part was picking it up to bring it inside. It is very difficult, because it want's to fall apart!


I'm going to sack out.

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I like that Bark, can't wait to see it sliced



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What was the internal temp when you took it out or did you check? It looks really good.

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We just finished eating supper with this pulled pork, some of last years green beans, mashed potatoes. It was to die for! I found out about the finishing sauce to late, but I really want to try it. I love the meat, & I love that grill.


I am going to have to get me one of those wireless meat thermometers. I do not have any kind of meat thermometer so I was not able to check the IT. It smoked for 13 hours. 


I am thinking & planning of what I would like to try to smoke next. I want to keep it simple, but I want to branch out a little bit & try some other things. The wife bought some whole chickens so I'm sure they will smoked at some point.


Thanks to all for pitching in with your comments, it is really appreciated. I'm really liking this board.

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That's some good looking pork 



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