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Dry Rubs on a Big Chief

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Hey all, just pulled some jerky off the grills. Would like to hear what others are doing for jerky, especially on alike setups. Sliced 2 Eye of Round roasts, about 4 lbs each, last night, just under a 1/4 inch. Seasoned with Smokehouses prepared stuff (one roast with Black pepper, one with red pepper) and put of the grills this morning. Some of it could have been pulled off maybe an hour ago, some needs a little more time. Used a fresh pan of hickory every time I rotated the racks (4 total, every 2 hours approx.). Spent a total of 9 hours in the unit, with one piece from every rack passing the "bend test." Looking for critiques (besides not using pre-packaged rubs, I'll be doing my own marinades later on.)


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I have two Big Chiefs which are dedicated for doing our Salmon, including Salmon Jerky.   Wife catches a crap load of King Salmon.  In our marriage agreement, it says:  "she catches it....I smoke it".

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I need an agreement like that with my wife! I'd love to do more salmon, but it's pretty expensive by the time it gets to me!
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Jake, Its hard to get your  jerky to be done at the same time, I usually check my racks and pull off the stuff that looks right and let the rest continue to smoke/cook and start checking every 15-20 minutes  after that. Looks good !

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Great looking jerky. I use the Big Chief to make mine as well. I do 5-6 pans of hickory or oak (whichever is on hand) over 8-12 hours depending on the weather until bend test passes.

I've tried several cuts of beef and find eye of round to be the best for me.


One suggestion I would have for you is to try hanging your slices from skewers instead of laying them on the rack. It's helped with the drying in my experience and you wont have one "wet" side.

I use 12" skewers and slide the jerky slices through the racks while being careful not to drop any through. If you could find 18" skewers, you might be able to slide them right onto the rails, making your life easier. Hang 'em from the highest rack from the element to avoid potential burning.


Hope this helps


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Thanks! How much jerky hangs with that method? I've been able to do just a bit under 1/4 slices, and about 4 lbs of "wet" meat.
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I do 2-3lb batches and theres still plenty of room.

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