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Thanks Dragon, I agree. I think this is doable, and if not then I will have failed in style, but I think it will work.  Here is a picture of the two tanks that I have.  I will admit I have been walking in the clouds a bit with all of this with some big dreams.  I am starting to come back down to earth.  I think what I will do is use part of one for the firebox on the other, and I like the idea of the center fired.


As a matter of fact I have just recently acquired some pictures that I will post on here when I get home.  They are of a pit that is every bit 35 or 40 years old.  It is a long tank that is center fired with the "double reverse" plate and the stack directly in the middle.  I knew the man who built and cooked on this pit.  He used it for years for large gatherings up until he passed away about 10 years ago.  He loved the thing and it was built on the same principle that we are talking about, but done a lot of years ago.  It has a great story behind it that I will share along with the picture.


These are mine and that is the trailer that it will live on.


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WoW !!!!

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If you can't run with the big dogs - stay on the porch.


Looking forward to the story and pic.



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Here is a link to another thread with the photos and story of an old pit. Enjoy....
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Originally Posted by Dragons Breath View Post

hey west tex.  Thought I would put my 2 cents in. I've built a couple of center fired and learned a couple of things. They use your fire more efficiently but my first build (a 250 gal.) has uneven heat .I ran the reverse flow plate down hill like some of the other RF smokers and on a center fired this causes the smoker to be hotter on the uphill side, and of course the center was hotter than either side.

On the second build (a 300 gal.) I welded the reverse flow plate level and added a heat shield (1/4" plate) between the firebox and the reverse flow plate. This smoker holds temperature amazingly close all across the cook chamber. That being said for my purposes I think a 500 gal would be optimal for my use. I need more cooking area like yourself, but a 1000 gal. smoker stretches all the parameters. With my results I'm confident a 500 gal. would work. I used 6" schd. 10 pipe for the chimney at the height required by the calculator. It was either Dave or Gary or both that added when you get to 6" size pipe or larger for the smoke stack the calculator isn't quite correct. And in practice I have found this to be true. There is less friction and more draw. With the 300 after obtaining temp. I actually have to close the air dampers to the fire box and half way shut the damper on top of the smoke stack. And then it just percolates along. Last Nov. I cooked over 100 turkeys over two days! I hope this helps.



Hey Dave,


Reading this again I was wondering if you have any pics or maybe a drawn concept of your 300 gal build.  Mostly the portion stated above "I welded the reverse flow plate level and added a heat shield (1/4" plate) between the firebox and the reverse flow plate".  I'm just trying to draw up some plans and I am considering different options that may help specifically with the over heating issue.


Thanks Richard

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Good advice I remember Dragon's build  pretty cool smoker



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hello west tex. 


I looked at the picture of the old smoker and it should be put back into service. I hope he gets her back smoking.



Here's a picture of the heat shield and you can just see the damper between the firebox and cook chamber also.

I made the heat shield a couple of inches short of the firebox all the way around. I figured to let a little heat through. I'm not sure if this is necessary because after the metal heats up everything is hot anyway.

Hope this helps.




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Thank you that does help set it straight in my mind
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Good information and picture Dave



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