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Pulled Pork for my Friends w/Qview

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 I have been reading this forum for a couple of year and smoking for a couple of year before that. i usually just read but i figured it was time for me to post some pics. I have two big hobbies that i do quite often which are gaming and Smoking meat! I decided last Saturday i would combine the two by smoking some pulled pork for my weekend gaming group.  So here is some pics:



this is the meat i smoked when i just unwrapped it. i put it in foil pan to make it easier to manage. these are boston butts that weigh about 9.4 -9.6 lbs

I use a very simple rub: salt. i simple rub liberal amounts of salt on the exterior and let sit overnight.




This is the pork once i took it off the smoker. I usually go about 5 hours or so on the smoker ( this time with half and half apple and hickory. about 240-255 degrees)

once I'm done smoking it i wrapped it up with some apple juice and apple cider vinegar, then i put it in the oven at 325 degrees until the internal temp reaches 195-200



this is how it came out. i pulled one of the butts, and froze the other in pieces. this one was taken to game night and shared between about 10 people. it was eaten in its entirety by the group! as my Granny used to say if they eat it that's proof of the pudding it was good!


So that was my Saturday, smoking from 5am till 3pm and game night!






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Aaron Welcome to SMF use the search bar and don't be afraid to post a question


That Pulled Pork looks great.

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I am a Gamer also. Mostly MMO's on the computer. So uh you gonna invite me over for some of that??? lol :)

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It looks very tasty!

Happy smoken.


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 i actually game old school tabletop rpg's, but everyone is welcome when i BBQ! if i dont have enough just means i can smoke more!



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Looks good !!!!!!

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Nice looking PP !

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Looks good phatbac, nice job

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Nice job, Looks Great



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