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Ruined my Jerky tonight

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So I ruined my jerky tonight. And I had a LOT of jerky I was making. I had 5 racks in my 18.5" WSM and I had to do two cooks.


The first one I used WAY too much wood, and that was the big batch with the USDA prime stuff (i tried to splurge at the butcher).


WAYYYY too much smoke, most of the pieces taste burned.


2nd batch I went easy on the wood, so far MUCH better.


Lesson learned... a little smoke goes a long way

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I'll make a suggestion..... save the jerky, let it sit a day or a week than try again. yes you might have over smoked, but jerky like chesses and other cured meats benifits LARGELY from a mellow out period.


I did some sweet maple jerky, first time I ever used cure, it was terrible. I started to throw it out and decided I'd do it tomorrow because the trash wasn't getting picked up for a couple a days anyway. the next day it was better, a week and it was good, a month and my sister and nephew asked if I'd do it again.


Never count your smoke out immediately especially when a cure is involved. Smoking cheese and nuts, the exact same thing.


Don't give up. It will mellow!

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I'll hang onto it

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Seriously, I would... You maybe 100% right but give it a chance to mellow first. Most smokers here would tell you the same.


I hope it turns out like mine did.

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Send it to me and I'll be happy to store it for you :yahoo:

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