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Chicken Quesadillas

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It was too cold out and storming the other day so we did chicken quesadillas in cast iron on our garage stove! Assorted peppers, onions, seasoned with fajita seasoning then topped with sour cream and salsa... tasted great with a few cold ones!

Thanks for looking!
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Great looking quesadilla! But the real story I want to know is why you have a "garage" stove?
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We put a stove in our last homes garage and will never have a garage without one again, you would not believe how much it gets used! Make a pizza, great for canning, deep frying keeps the grease and smell out of the house, we can finish snack sticks and summer sausage in the oven after smoking to free up the smoker to smoke another batch of snack sticks or summer sausage. Our garage is attached, fully insulated and heated, we spend more time out there than in the house, great place to hang out with some refreshing cold ones!
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Very nice! I don't even have electric in mine.
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