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Factory sealed lid

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How do you remove a factory sealed lid?
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Some people use an air chisel on the inside lip.  A jig saw with a metal blade would work also.  Then use a file or grinder to smooth down the edge.

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If you want to use it as a removable lid, cut down, from the lip, about 1"....... using a hammer or block of wood, gently beat on the lip "outward" to flare it.... do the opposite on the drum, to flare it inward... the 2 should overlap and make a fine lid... If you want the UDS taller, add a piece of sheet metal band, maybe 6" wide, and screw it to the drum... then the lid will fit it also...

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Thanks guys. I though there was a way to separate the lid from the drum at the seal itself.  Ended up just cutting the lid out as per Earthquake suggested..

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That will work also.....
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You should be able to use an angle grinder around the outside edge of the top. Cut till the seam appears all the way around, then drive a screw driver between the layers to seperate the top.


On my build I bought a drum that had been Can Openered. I had a piece of 1/8 X 1" flat steel welded around the inside top of the drum for the Weber 22.5 Dome lid to set on. It will take aproximately a 70 Inch long piece of flat stock. I left my lip up approximately 3/8 of an inch for the dome lid to set on.



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Glad it worked out for you.  I have been looking for some more barrels and most lately (unlined) have had closed tops.  So I will be doing the same thing soon.  On my second UDS build now (for a friend) and have two more planned.  Got pics of your build?

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