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First smoke on UDS

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So I just got done (not really done) with my first UDS build.


I had two chickens I put in some brine yesterday (salt, pepper and garlic).  Fired up the smoker and the chickens are smoking away.




Time will tell if they turn out as good or better than when done in the MES40.



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Chickens are done and if I may say so they turned out pretty good.  Dropped one of the off to a buddy that has wanted to get a smoker but hasn't made the leap yet.  I had him convinced to get a MES but now we are gonna build him a UDS.  


I pulled one to make some smoked chicken and spinach enchiladas.  Can't wait to do the pork butts next.

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good looking yard birds, earth quake. they look amazing


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Great looking Chicken



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That's not so ugly,and the chix look great!
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Thanks all.  I ate on it for a few meals through the week but never actually made the enchilladas.  So yesterday when I was at Sam's I picked up another 2 pack.  I was also lucky while at the commissary found dual pack pork butts for 0.99/lb.  Picked up a pack and tossed them on the smoker earlier...Forgot pics but will post the aftermath when they are done.

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Real good for first cook o the UDS .


And , yes. Get your Buddy well involved. Give him a case of O.S.S. :biggrin:



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