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I ended up finding an old used Char Griller Pro on Craigslist for $30. After a few mods and the purchase of the Maverick 732 I am good to go.



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So I was gonna be getting an old country wrangler smoker In the next month or two. I say was because when I went on their site recently it was no longer listed and I think they don't make it anymore.
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I don't see it on the academy site either, but they may have some in store, if there is one near you. If not, the Pecos is still there, it's bigger but has a bit thinner metal, and it's $100 less. I'd go with that one if I couldn't get the wrangler. The Wrangler was just too small for me, you would do just fine with the Pecos.

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I like the Pecos too. It just sucks that it doesn't have that upper rack.
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I really like the Wrangler for several reasons. Thicker steel, no leaks, maintains temp. better than cheap stuff. I have found a way to smoke summer sausage, pepperoni, etc. without laying it on a rack. Take out the lower rack, use "S" hooks to hang from the upper rack. It will easily hold 12-15 one pound sausages without them touching the water pan or tuning plate. Half way thru the cook, I reverse the sausage just so it cooks evenly. That does require a string loop on each end but that ain't no big deal.
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