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Cheese ?

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I am going to make some deer and pork sausage. I do have a question. I ate some made in the Houston Texas area by a butcher and it was excellent. My question is what cheese do you use? Cheddar or American..............  


I know their are many different options but this was yellow in color, and trying to see if there is a good rule of thumb of what one to use.


Thanks for any help!!!!!!

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High temp cheese for sure. After that you can use any cheese you like.

Happy smoken.


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The problem is I don't know what I like or what is the most common one to use. 

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cheddar is always a good bet that goes well with deer sausages and salamis .............. I also tried swiss this year for something different and it is GREAT !!!!....:drool:

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Be sure and post pics and let everyone know



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